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  1. My “Deigo” came from Ms. Betty and we loved him dearly. Sadly, he passed on and we are waiting on Lord Max to father a litter so we can not “Replace” Deigo, but add another family member to ours.

  2. I received my son, Manson from Von Gueldner Rottweilers on 6-24-2021. He was born on 5-6-2021, I was OVERLY EXCITED to bring him home and asked to get him ASAP! Von Gueldner Rottweilers was nice enough to let me bring him home with me, assuring me of his health and vaccination records. My Manson is now 8 1/2 months old and at his last doctors visit 1 week ago, 12-28-2021, he weighed 105 pounds! Manson is a BIG and healthy boy! Well mannered, playful and loves children. I HIGHLY recommend Von Gueldner Rottweilers to anyone wanting a new FAMILY member! The owners are the NICEST people you could ever meet. Thanks again Von Gueldner Rottweilers for my son!

  3. Tracking my boys pedigree and came across your page. His great great grandparents were Augustus Von Wrangler and Bruce betts Kayla. They had Southern Prides Anna Von Haus. Pretty cool stuff. He’s a big healthy boy.

  4. My Rotty came from here. Rocky is 2 and weighs 160 and still has a bit of filling out to do. As big as he is, his heart is even bigger. He’s truly a sweetheart of an animal and loves my 9 year old son to pieces. Hands down, the smartest dog I’ve ever owned (also the most stubborn). Best dog ever. Thank you!

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