Heart of Dixie

American Pocket Bully   ABKC

Dob  09/18/2019






Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents

KJBSK Luffy of BPK

Color:  Chocolate Tri


JCB’s Sassin

Color:  Tri

 Ch Bighouse’s Loco Esse

Color:    Black White Brown


 Triple D Bully’s Blanca

Color:  Fawn

BCB’s Chanel

Color:  Blue Fawn White

BCB’s Blueprint

Color:  Blue Fawn White

BCB’s Ms AAliyah

Color:  Blue Fawn White


Bully Pham’s Eevee’s Blue Trinity

Color:  Blue Tri

Pham’s Cross Stitches

Blue Fawn White

Bully’s Anonymous Jethrow

Color:  Blue Fawn


Mistress Kuddah Bully Pit

Color:  Blue Brown White

Irving’s Tatum Lee Crouch

Color:  Black Tan White

BCB’s Big E

Color:  Blue Fawn White

JCB Precious of KJBSK

Color:   Black Tri